How we work

nu Angle is a technology and innovation management company. We specialize in helping companies to:

  • develop and implement growth platforms
  • integrate their technology strategy with the needs of the business
  • make difficult investment choices for a future technology pipeline that drives commercial advantage

We move rapidly from strategy to implementation and seamlessly from senior management to the shop floor and from R&D to marketing.

The success of our projects is due to combining proven best practice processes, with supporting tools and proven software, and ‘high quality content’ through our large and growing external expert network.  We have found that involving technology and market experts from adjacent industry sectors in the work generates many new insights and added value.

nu Angle draws on a long tradition of practical experience of technology management. We tailor our interventions according to need at different stages. In order to ensure consistency, we maintain guiding frameworks, but within these frameworks are able to vary processes in order to achieve the impact for clients that are required.

All our associates have over 20 years’ experience in technology and innovation management and we can demonstrate real success in all the projects we run.

Nu Angle introduction Sept 2011