Network of experts

From its very beginning, nu Angle has placed a heavy emphasis on building and utilising external technology-based expertise.

Our network is used to provide technical content in specialist areas.  This provides client teams with fresh perspectives, objectivity and challenge, complementing our highly developed tools and resulting in a unique and exciting blend of process and content expertise.

We have become extremely successful in identifying, qualifying and utilising subject matter experts from around the globe. This includes: framing search criteria; engaging individuals; developing techniques for working effectively with these specialists;  creating clusters of excellence for clients to leverage into the future.

We continue to build our network of experts across many discipline areas – often via personal recommendation – providing us a level of access that goes way beyond simply having a database to draw from.

Key areas of expertise

  • Emerging technologies
  • Existing technologies from outside a client’s industry sector
  • Market insights and trends
  • Intellectual property – mapping and IP strategy
  • New product development
  • Specific business disciplines