nu Angle supports executive teams in achieving business growth goals.  We can provide deep insights and practical solutions so that clear choices can be made, change can be implemented and benefits realised.

Our approach is different to that of many consultancies. Instead of having a large in-house pool of consultants we have a tight core of seasoned and experienced innovation and technology management specialists who work closely with the client.

Once the challenge has been scoped, we can then draw on an international network of expertise and will select exactly the right team to meet the client’s requirement.  This allows us always to bring together the best possible combination of knowledge and experience.

nu Angle differentiators

Our approach enables us to:

  • Facilitate the client team through a structured process that ensures maximum chance of success.
  • Add business and technology insights, forecasts and foresights. Providing expert challenge at key stages.
  • Bridge the void between functions, which is essential for successful innovation.
  • Develop client team capability through training and on-the-job coaching.
  • Access relevant technology and market know-how for clients who wish to manage technology but require knowledge of technologies outside of their own space.
  • Design and facilitate client-working sessions. To generate technology roadmaps and get a consensus on what is required.
  • Build technology capabilities to enable companies to exploit the outputs from technology management, this invariably requires new technology capabilities which are often not available internally.
  • Define new organisational technology management structures.  This may include ventures, partnerships, finance relationships and technology/market road maps.
  • Make the outputs ‘stick’ through a variety of methods from outcome-driven project management to visualisation rooms.