Building an expert network – a practical workshop

For most companies, innovation-led growth these days is less about technical leadership in a single technology, and more about combining multiple technologies. To achieve this, the organization faces a number of choices.

  • Invest in greater levels of internal expertise, this is costly and can reduce flexibility within the organization.
  • Create a core expertise that can be supplemented by external experts, this provides added value with less risk. But there is a need to identify experts and engage with them effectively.
  • Build a virtual R&D capability; this requires a different management style, an overview of synergies between the technology strands and a significant resource for managing contracts.

nu Angle has used its experience of building expert networks for clients

Supporting open innovation with an expert network

to inform this practical workshop. It combines a discussion of best practice – based on knowledge of what works in the real world – including interactive simulations with relevant industry experts. This workshop aims to build the skills required by a technology management team to create expert networks that will add value to a company’s technology strategy.

It will include:

Rationale for the use of external experts
  • The benefits
  • Challenges – organizational culture, legal and contractual issues, management of mavericks
  • Key success factors based on industry experience
  • Existing capability and skills gaps

Creating a framework for exploration

  • How to ‘frame the need’ to elicit useful information
  • Real world case-studies
  • Common mistakes

Exploration tools

  • Review of 3Es – Environment, Embodiment and Enabler – for evaluating technology
  • Use of mind maps and management tools

Identifying potential experts

  • Role of desk research
  • Data sources and evaluation of relative benefit
  • Existing networks and sources of contacts
  • Practical exercises with industry experts to build skills within a team

Starting to build the network

  • Collating and managing the information
  • Questions to ask to keep on track
  • Evaluating the quality of the network
  • Managing and maintaining the network

Engaging with experts

  • From initiating contact to establishing a contract

For more details of how this 3-day workshop can be adapted for your organization please contact nu Angle.