What is the next big idea?

Technology watch is a strategic assessment of current and future technologies and their potential impact on business vision and competitiveness.

It is an important input into technology strategy and planning, technology roadmapping and developing new growth platforms. It is therefore a crucial discipline to master for anyone wanting to manage technology well.

Often innovation arises from looking outside the immediate industry to find new approaches. So the task of technology watch is to observe, track, filter out and assess potential technologies from a very wide field extending beyond the normal confines of the sector.

nu Angle supports technology watch by offering a fresh perspective that opens doors to opportunities that are beyond the knowledge of inhouse teams.

nu Angle has a very large and growing network that it calls on for watching, scouting, assessing and integrating fit-for-purpose technology solutions.

Examples of past work include:

  • Technologies for managing bubbles in soft drinks
  • New biosensors for assessment of biomarkers in blood
  • Super hydrophobic coatings for building facades to avoid them getting dirty
  • New toothpaste formulations for a variety of consumer needs
  • Wireless condition monitoring for air conditioners
  • Indoor position monitoring for emergency services, high value equipment and security

nu Angle provides access to consultants who are highly skilled in technology and innovation management.  It brings the benefit of over 20 years of experience delivering technology strategy assignments, to leading international companies, across many industry sectors.