Where will growth come from?

Senior managers are used to the concept of developing new products to exploit the limitations of competitors or to complement their existing portfolio.  But few have the knowledge and expertise to see how their technology can be redeployed in another industry sector or used to satisfy an unmet customer need.

nu Angle works with clients to identify new ‘opportunity spaces’ for existing capabilities and then helps identify the elements of the growth platform.

Extending capabilities into new domains creates the opportunity for sustained growth.  These new growth platforms provide a framework for building families of products, services and business processes.   The scale of these growth platforms is of strategic importance to the organization.

To define growth platforms successfully requires a well tried process, high quality information and external insights – often from well outside the company’s own market space.

nu Angle has excelled in this area because it has these capabilities. Over the years it has developed a large global network of relevant very experienced experts and knowledge of how to train client teams to ensure implementation.

nu Angle’s rigorous objective process has resulted in many successful projects, which include:

  • European life sciences company, identified and then implemented five growth platforms
  • Building materials sector, identification of important new platforms
  • Materials, creation of new growth platforms in copper usage exploiting some of the unique properties of this metal
  • Healthcare products, potential growth platforms in biofilm management
  • Clean environments, development of new growth platforms in biosensors

Our approach combines sourcing high quality information from outside our client’s own sector with developing the capacity of the inhouse team to develop an implementation plan.

Case study – Identifying new technology platforms to support business growth

Workshop – Building an expert network – a practical 3-day workshop