technology roadmapping

Where are you going? Where could you go?

Technology roadmapping is a tool for technology forecasting and research planning. Deceptively simple, technology roadmaps help to visualise relationships between evolving and developing markets, products and technologies over time.

The timescale is usually five to ten years and the roadmap provides a foundation for planning future research and development with internal and external partners. Many feel that this is just a tool for ‘long-term planning’, however, every road map we have completed has identified immediate and near-term opportunities.

A good roadmap can help an organization survive in tough market conditions and provides a means of tracking the impact of potentially disruptive technologies.

nu Angle uses its international network to canvass the opinions of experts in different fields.  This provides invaluable input into its technology road map approach.

nu Angle’s approach to technology roadmaps has three major benefits:

  1. Existing and potential technology investment must be aligned with the organization’s strategic vision and objectives.  nu Angle intertwines both aspects to ensure a balance between market ‘pull’ and technology ‘push’.
  2. Efficient use of external experts captures their insight and expertise while minimising the cost to the client.
  3. Creation of easy to review scenario maps ensures that executives are able to see the implications and commercial priorities and exploit these opportunities.


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