nuTechMap software

The essence of technology roadmapping is quite simple. Identify the scope of technology to roadmap, create the roadmap, apply the roadmap data to future commercial scenarios, and then make your investment choices.

You’ll see a lot written about multiple-layered roadmaps linking to market trends and product pipelines, but the core of what you need to do is build a view of the future based on expert opinion and quantitative data, then apply it to your business context.

It is this application that is often missing, leading to lack of commitment to implementation across the organization. Our process support tool for road mapping fills a gap that has existed for a while.

In the past clients have had only two choices: using diagrammatic approach with a presentation-style tool such as MSPowerPoint, or investing in enterprise-wide software tools. Both approaches have tended to emphasises stacked roadmaps (market trends, product pipeline and technology roadmap) – while useful in some ways, this leads to an overemphasis on the roadmap itself.

Our nuTecMap assessment tool Excel tool takes a client team from the initial scoping and creation of the roadmap all the way through to implementation plans and scenario selection.


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