Have you got the tools for the job?

Technology strategy was pioneered in the chemical and high tech industries, as a way to deal with critical and complex technology planning problems.

nu Angle built on these approaches and has developed a process that can be used within any industry.  It is firmly grounded in the commercial needs of the business and allows a portfolio of technologies to be assessed at a business unit level or at a corporate level, to identify common technology platforms and evaluate their performance.

Our approach enables executives to:

  • Make the right investment decisions to create a viable and protectable pipeline of products.
  • Understand the ROI for different technology investment options.
  • Select technology investments that fit best with commercial and brand strategy.
  • Reduce effort wasted on technology development with peripheral impact on the business.
  • Protect future growth by identifying potential disruptive technologies.
  • Identify external solutions that allow new, smarter products to be developed  through ‘Open Innovation’.
  • Spread risk and avoid putting ‘all the eggs in one basket’.

nuTechStrat software

To further support our clients, nu Angle has encapsulated its methodology within a bespoke Microsoft Excel application called nuTechStrat.  This allows the client to input information about internal and external technologies and score them based on a number of metrics.

This process will help to define investment plans, identify business critical applications and also reveal gaps in capability.

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 nuTechStrat  nuTechStrat 8 principles