Improving your roadmaps

For many organizations, creating a roadmap is not a ‘greenfield’ endeavor. To be really successful, it should build upon current information (technology, trends, beliefs), it should integrate different perspectives (both functional and market) and support current decision making processes.

I thought readers might be interested in the outline of an assessment tool that I have used for a while now – it is basically a series of questions that are aimed at directing attention as to how roadmapping can have more impact. It is divided into three parts:

  1. Framing – how the roadmap is set up, the boundary conditions that are in place to make it relevant to the delivery of strategy
  2. Delivery – how the roadmap is created, what expertise is used
  3. Application – how the roadmap information is used and what type and level of impact it has on the organization

The three slides below cover the elements of the assessment – some of the questions will no doubt be ‘tick the box’, others will no doubt pique curiosity and interest, and others might be a puzzle. I’ll leave it up to you to decide. If there is sufficient interest, I could set up a survey, but my main aim is to help improve the quality of roadmaps as a decision making tool.