nu Angle co-founder Dr Steve Bone to retire his position

Dr Steve Bone is retiring from nu Angle in March 2019 to pursue other interests. He founded nu Angle 14 years ago with Dr Peter Allen using a business model different to the other consultancies.

Unlike traditional consultancies, the business model was not based on a small number of experienced seniors leveraging a large number of junior, inexperienced consultants. By operating as a flexible virtual network with senior associates nu Angle avoided the classical problem of having to deploy young consultants with little or no relevant experience simply because they are available. This proved very powerful and contributed to nu Angle’s growth and reputation for creating implementable ‘grounded’ solutions.

During the 14 years at nu Angle, Steve has applied his experience in both industry and consultancy to the creation of powerful new approaches, tools and techniques in Technology & Innovation Management.

Highlights of his work with co-founder Peter Allen include: –

  • Technology strategy software reduces time from weeks to hours – the creation of a software tool to quickly integrate large amounts of information to create objective and well-articulated technology strategies. The new software allows rapid analysis of technology portfolios and roadmaps. The tool is used to facilitate R&D team alignment by supporting visualisation in workshops. It has cut the time of assessment from several weeks to hours.
  • Successful new audit methods – development of methods to audit R&D strategies, process, resources and structures in order to create a more productive R&D organisation. This has been used in engineering, chemicals and consumer goods companies with some real success.
  • Groundbreaking approaches to technology scouting – techniques for integrating both world-class experts and technologies into client projects. Experts did not reside in one area and can be completely hidden from view, if they are in different industry sectors.
  • New capabilities, thinking styles and cultures  – working with clients to change thinking styles has generated new insights and game changer products.

Leading roles in the R&D management and consultancy

Steve has worked in R&D Management, Product Development, Manufacture in Europe and USA. Prior to forming nu Angle Steve led senior business and practice management activities across Europe.

Steve was a Partner at PA Consulting Group, running the Technology Management Practice for a short while before being head hunted to become the Leader of ADL’s European Technology and Innovation Management Practice in 1999. He left ADL in 2004 to join the Monitor Group, a US-based strategy boutique set up by Harvard Professor Michael Porter.

During his time at Monitor he was tasked with combining the strategy toolset with the technology and innovation management thought leadership. During this program Steve realized that a small network of highly experienced advisors would be a far better platform to bring this combined thought leadership to market and thus ‘nu Angle’ was born.

Future plans 

Steve continues to be passionate about applying best practice to Technology and Innovation Management and the importance of using the right external experts facilitated by structured well managed process.

A number of his clients have retained him as an external ad-hoc adviser in technology management issues and he continues to be a trustee for the Research & Development Management Association (RADMA)