New Growth Platforms discussed at PDMA Michigan Summer Event

Peter Allen nu Angle to speak at PDMA Michigan Chapter Summer Event 7th June 2013

“Where is real business growth going to come from? Peter Allen of nu Angle explained at the PDMA Summer Event, how the opportunity for forming new growth platforms arises when change creates an unmet customer need.

He says; “Growth doesn’t come from doing more of the same, but instead looking at the intersection between a company’s actual or potential capabilities, unmet customer needs, and the forces of change in the broader environment.

“Forces of change may include new or converging technologies, changing regulatory environments, or social pressures.

“From this it is possible to a form a new growth platform, rather than the ephemera of M&A-driven ‘growth’.”

In his presentation at the PDMA Michigan Summer Event Peter explained how nu Angle addresses the development of growth platforms.  The company has drawn from many years of experience to assemble a toolset that combines strategy, technology and innovation management, foresight and scenario-planning.
Peter says; “There is a need for organizations to look outside of what they are currently doing in order to see the new opportunities that exist.  Growth comes from exploiting an internal capability or technology platform in a new way.”

Traditional business development activities frequently fail to generate the size of platforms required because they are based on accelerating what has always been done before.  
Looking outside can be difficult without some degree of focus. Finding a new opportunity is almost like looking for a needle in a haystack without knowing where to look.

The nu Angle toolset ensures that opportunities are well-characterised, contextualized within the organization, and have implementable solutions that can be funded. This gives executives scope for concrete investment choices.

“The issue is – how do we look for growth in a structured way that will increase the likelihood for innovative and sustainable growth.”

In the presentation Peter provided an introduction to the nu Angle approach and tools which is of great interest to companies that want to deliver growth for their stockholders and employees.