Business focus for R&D investment

Kraig McEwen, President, McKesson Automation.

In the midst of broader economic pressures, US corporations, such as McKesson Automation are looking to innovation as a means to grow.

Kraig McEwen, President, McKesson Automation comments: “We have recently invested in a growth strategy based on innovation and new technology. We are now in a much better position to focus our R&D investment in areas where it will have most impact for us.

“The improved alignment for the business as a whole has led to a strong and positive response from our customers and has provided a clear direction and motivation for our employees.

“Working with nu Angle to develop this growth strategy was particularly useful as they provided tools to help us articulate our growth goals, flexibility to work with our specific context and requirements, and an objectivity and challenge that helped us make choices that we could abide by.

“nu Angle have been operating within the Pittsburgh area for well over a decade and it is particularly pleasing to see them establish a local base of operations.”

nu Angle’s US client base has been growing steadily over the last 5 years and it chose Pittsburgh as the location for its new office as this is convenient for many important corporate locations on the East coast. The new company nu Angle LLP will be sharing office space with one of its strategic partners, Bally Design, as well as strengthening its marketing and delivery partnerships with ip Capital Group.