nu Angle rises to US firms’ demand for technology strategy

Co-founder Peter Allen is based in nu Angle’s Pittsburgh office.

‘Innovate or die’ is the hard reality and one that progressive US corporations are taking seriously.  In response to strong demand in the US for our technology strategy and roadmapping tools, nu Angle has established a Pittsburgh-based company to support the growing client base.

Making the right decisions about where to innovate and what technologies to invest in can be challenging for companies. What we are seeing is an increasing demand from executive teams for new tools to help them decide where best to invest their R&D dollars at a time of hard-pressed budgets.

Over the last decade, we have developed improved processes for technology strategy, technology road mapping and growth platforms.  Capturing this knowledge within a set of tools that provide a much stronger connection between the commercial aims of the business and a broader set of technology solutions and innovations.  The result is that management teams have access to the information they require to make sound investment decisions.

This collaborative approach has been well received by US clients.  Jeff Thompson, President Pittsburgh PDMA Chapter, comments: “nu Angle has advised several of our members over the years and it is great to see them establish a local office.  nu Angle’s blend of technology management and access to external technology content expertise is something that I believe will continue to benefit companies in and around Pittsburgh.”

Pittsburgh is convenient for many important corporate locations on the East  especially the Boston to Chicago down to Washington triangle and this is where we have seen a growth in our US client base over the last 5 years.  The new company will be sharing office space with one of our strategic partners, Bally Design, as well as strengthening marketing and delivery partnerships with ip Capital Group.

Randy Rossi, President, of Bally Design Inc, a leading industrial and product design company comments:  “Despite tough economic conditions, the search for sustainable growth through innovation is evident for many US corporations. There are many firms in this space but we found nu Angle to have the unique ability to develop robust strategies that connect with our work; integrating innovation, good design and user-centered product solutions that drive competitive advantage and ROI.

“They have a diverse mix of well-honed strategic tools, practical experience and access to a global network of technology experts to best fit a client’s particular situation. It’s never a ‘one-size-fits-all’ and that’s what makes them successful.”